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General info

  • Bee foraging season – a nicely laid out North London Beekeepers fact sheet showing flowering times by month of some popular bee flowers
  • The Bee Photographer – Superb closeups by supreme bee photographer Eric Tourneret of bees in all sorts of situations and countries. See his YouTube channel for videos.
  • Flowers by month – London area flower timings, written by Mark Patterson for the London Beekeeping Association (LBKA)
  • Pollen chart – interactive with toggles for different seasons, from Sheffield beekeepers
  • Pollen guide – Bristol Beekeeping Association have produced an interactive pollen guide, access by clicking on ‘Pollen guide’ along their top navigation menu
  • Pollen and honey guide – Romsey Beekeepers Association chart on the honey and pollen properties of common English flowers
  • Reading Beekeepers Association – the association’s free monthly newsletters are very detailed and interesting
  • There are queen cells in my hive – what should I do?‘ – An incredibly helpful Welsh Assembly Guide.
  • UV flower markings – use this database by nature photographer Bjørn Rørslett to see how flowers appear to bees (select the ‘UV flowers’ link from left-hand menu)

Bee biology

Bee diseases

  • Beebase – National Bee Unit official advice on disease control
  • Healthy bees plan – Free quarterly FERA ‘healthy bees’ newsletters to download
  • – beekeeping through the eyes of a biologist. Randy Oliver scours scientific papers for the latest info on combating pests and diseases.

Bumble on blackberry bramble

Bee identification

Beekeeping blogs (my favourites)

  • The Apiarist – A Scottish beekeeper and scientist; David Evans both really knows his stuff and will make you chortle with his entertaining writing
  • Honey Bee Suite – Rusty lives in Washington and is amazing. A very experienced beekeeper with an Environmental Studies masters; she takes both a scientific and humorous approach to her blogging.
  • Icelandic Beekeeping Association – fascinating info on beekeeping in the Land of Fire & Ice (choose ‘In English’ from the left hand menu if you prefer to read it in English!
  • Kiwimana – New Zealand beekeepers Gary and Margaret blog, produce podcasts and sell beekeeping supplies from their online shop.
  • Mid Bucks Beekeepers Association – has very useful free downloadable BBKA exam module study notes
  • Miss Apis Mellifera – a beautifully illustrated aromatherapy/beekeeping blog by Emma Tennant, who used to be my beekeeping buddy
  • Mud Songs – Canadian blog included as they have to put up with even colder, wetter beekeeping than I do, in Newfoundland
  • Talking with bees – British beekeeping with a sense of humour

Bumble bee on thistle

Beekeeping related charities – support these if you can!

  • Adopt a beehive – BBKA scheme allowing you to adopt a UK beehive of your choice.
  • Bees Abroad – a small UK charity which supports beekeeping projects in developing countries. Sells cute bee themed Christmas cards.
  • Bees for Development – a great charity which works to promote sustainable beekeeping in developing countries by providing beekeepers abroad with a free quarterly journal providing practical advice on beekeeping and management techniques.
  • Bumblebee Conservation Trust – aims to help UK bumblebees by preventing further declines and raising awareness of the problems bumblebees face.
  • Friends of the Bees – a UK charity founded to conserve and protect bees, to educate people about bees and to research and promote more natural beekeeping methods.
  • Hives Save Lives – a UK charity which aims to alleviate poverty in Africa by providing beekeeper training, beehives, equipment and materials to communities in need, so that they can sell honey and related products.
  • Hymettus – a UK charity which provides advice on conserving bees, ants and wasps within Great Britain and Ireland. Has free information sheets on gardening for bumblebees on its website.
  • Landlife – a UK charity which helps create areas of wildflowers which provide vital forage for bees and other wildlife. Sells wildflower seed mixes.
  • Urban bees – a group dedicated to bringing bees to cities. On a mission to promote sustainable and responsible urban beekeeping to a new generation of urban beekeepers through education and training.

Art, gifts and jewellery

  • Anna de Ville – pretty silver honey and bumble bee earrings
  • Christine Farmer – very detailed pencil drawings of bees, every hair is visible
  • Creature Candy – bee mugs, stationery and soap
  • Entomology 1 – vibrantly colourful paintings of native bees by art students
  • Eric Tourneret – books containing Eric’s fascinating bee photos
  • Louise Bird – bumble bee painter and printmaker
  • Pencil and Leaf – beautiful bumble and honey bee cards, print and book by artist Valerie Littlewood
  • Rose-Lynn Fisher – incredibly magnified photos of bees, published in her book, BEE
  • Sophie Allport – a supporter of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Sophie makes fine bone china, textiles and stationery in a variety of patterns, including bees

Gardening for bees

5 Responses to Links

  1. Mark says:

    Does BeeCause have a organization in the U.S.?

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    • Emily Heath says:

      Hi Mark, are you thinking of the Friends of the Earth Bee Cause campaign? If so, Friends of the Earth are active in the US ( but they campaign on different issues there to here in the UK.

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    • Liz says:

      My name is Liz and I’m contacting you from Silver River Productions, a TV company based in London. We are currently in production for a BBC2 primetime gardening show ‘The Big Allotment Challenge.’

      The series follows a handful of talented amateur kitchen gardeners as they transform a plot of earth in our walled garden into a patch of beauty and reveal all the wonderful possibilities that can be unlocked from allotment growing.

      We are looking for contestants to feature in the series, those who have the skill and dedication and who could dig their way to victory and be crowned the winner of ‘The Big Allotment Challenge.’ People who can cultivate the perfect carrot, make their green tomatoes into tasty chutney and turn their dahlias and sweet peas into floral arrangements.

      So whether you’re an allotmenteer, a city living window box grower, or a gardening enthusiast, we want to hear from you. We are coming to the end of our application process so email for an application form today!

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  2. emmaorussell says:

    An excellent list of links here – thank you! I have quite a lot of reading to do now! 🙂

    Emma @

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