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‘The Cornish Bee’ – notes from a talk by Rodger Dewhurst, Gwenen Apiaries

Last Sunday I went to a ‘Bee Fayre’, which is an annual weekend event held at Enys Gardens in Penryn, Cornwall. It was a haven for bee fans, filled with stalls selling every bee themed product you can think of, … Continue reading

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Case of the disappearing queen: mystery solved

It is always satisfying to solve a mystery. Even when you turn out to be the culprit. You may recall me mentioning that Queen Andromeda has been missing in action since I combined her colony with Queen Cassiopeia’s on 6th … Continue reading

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The queen who went in the wrong place

Today I found a mystery awaiting me at the allotment. Ever seen this many bees under a hive? Just hanging out? And bees with pollen disappearing within their midst? Usually you might get maybe a couple of bees wandering around under the … Continue reading

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A tale of two queens

After a gloriously hot Friday, it was disappointing to be making my way to the apiary in rain on Saturday afternoon. Luckily the rain soon cleared and even turned to sunshine later, leaving Emma and I free to inspect our five … Continue reading

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Easter inspections; a new queen emerges

There was a lot going on at the apiary on Saturday. Naive people might think that on a bank holiday Easter weekend the apiary would be quiet. Not so when there is tea to be drunk, hot cross buns to … Continue reading

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Middlesex Beekeepers’ Day – Terry Clare, Queen rearing for the average beekeeper

As I like to do each year, yesterday I went to the Federation of Middlesex Beekeepers’ Associations annual Bee Keepers’ Day. Each year the Middlesex associations (Ealing, Enfield, Harrow, North London, Pinner & Ruislip) take it in turn to host … Continue reading

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A bad day’s beekeeping

Feeling quite demoralised after yesterday’s beekeeping session. Things started off well. I spotted one of our new queens, Emma pinned her down in a queen cage and marked her perfectly with a neat blob on her thorax. Yellow as we … Continue reading

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Queen introduction – the easy way?

Earlier this year I attended a talk at Kew Gardens by Professor Ratnieks, Professor of Apiculture at the University of Surrey (blog post – Bee foraging on garden plants: Sussex University research). This got me interested in his work, and while … Continue reading

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Our queens come in eights

Last week Emma and I split our hive into two. Today we returned to check the progress of the two colonies – luckily the rain storms of Friday had subsided and beautiful sun ruled the skies. At the time we … Continue reading

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Hunny time

Yesterday was all about the honey. After three years of trying, I finally have some! On Friday Emma put a Porter bee escape on our super, which allows the bees to go down but not up so we can come … Continue reading

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