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1st Honey bee products and forage revision post: a list of floral sources of unpalatable honey;

I have decided to take the BBKA’s Module 2 exam, ‘Honeybee products and forage‘ in November. If I manage to pass, I’ll have passed Modules 1,2,3 & 6, which means I’ll be awarded the BBKA Intermediate Theory Certificate. Woo hoo! But … Continue reading

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Middlesex Beekeepers’ Day Part 2: David Aston, Plants and honeybees

A follow-up post to ‘Middlesex Beekeepers’ Day – Terry Clare, Queen rearing for the average beekeeper‘. Below are my notes from Dr David Aston’s talk. David is President of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA), a Master Beekeeper and holder of … Continue reading

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“Bee foraging on garden plants: Sussex University research” – a talk by Professor Francis Ratnieks

Yesterday evening I went to a talk on “Bee foraging on garden plants: Sussex University research” by Professor Francis Ratnieks at the Jodrell Lecture Theatre, Kew Gardens. Francis is the Professor of Apiculture (Evolution, Behaviour and Environment) at the University of Surrey – the … Continue reading

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What’s flowering now: mid February

Last week we had another brief flurry of snow, and it was back to huddling with my coat on in the office. But then this weekend brought sunshine, and it was wonderful to see the bees pinging back and forth … Continue reading

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8th Honeybee Management revision post: honeybee feeding

8th revision post for the British Beekeeping Association’s Module 1 exam, Honeybee Management, which I’m taking very soon, on 24th March. I’m at 1.14 on the syllabus: “The Candidate shall be able to give a detailed account of:- the principles involved in feeding … Continue reading

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What’s flowering now: late May

Yesterday I took a walk about in the park near my house and managed to get some surprisingly focused (for me) shots of bees on flowers. I used the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s Bumblebee identification page and Help Save Bees’ Bumblebee Family … Continue reading

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Inside the nuc

Today was beautiful, proper summer weather, and I had the day off, so I went down to see the bees before the rain predicted tomorrow arrives. On Saturday we split our hive into two because we had sealed queen cells … Continue reading

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6th Honeybee behaviour revision post: honey bee foraging

This might be my last revision post for my BBKA Module 6 Honeybee Behaviour exam on Saturday! And I’ve only got half way through the syllabus. Section 6.7: the behaviour of the foraging bee and its work methods in the field including … Continue reading

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