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Bees, honey, flowers, cake and a party

In an unexpected turn of events, a rainy, miserable week was followed by a gorgeous sunny Saturday. So off to the apiary it was, where I met Brian checking out his super. He has placed a queen excluder and normal … Continue reading

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Getting our hives in order

More winter preparations down at the apiary today. I hadn’t had time to make a cake, but luckily Cliff came to the rescue with a luscious mascarpone, lime and blackberry flavoured cheesecake (think that’s what he said). So creamy. We … Continue reading

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Hungry New Zealanders hunt for food

Today I had a little crowd of watchers round me as I opened up our hive, including a newbee and a professional photographer named Megan who is documenting Ealing’s ‘sub-cultures’. She is hoping to visit some Ealing monks next! I … Continue reading

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EFB or not EFB? And the answer is…

We were really lucky today that Andy Pedley was able to come down and help us. As well as being incredibly experienced he has such a kind and patient manner. I felt better as soon as he started going through … Continue reading

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Winter bees advice from Andy Pedley

This month’s Ealing Beekeepers newsletter from Andy Pedley contained some helpful wintering advice which I hope he won’t mind me putting up here, mostly so I can find it again next year: It’s the end of the season … hopefully … Continue reading

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A few links

Some articles/blog posts you might enjoy… I wouldn’t normally link to the Daily Mail, but local Ealing beekeepers John Chapple and Andy Pedley feature in a DM article celebrating their work as beekeepers to the Queen. I think John’s mischievous … Continue reading

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Moving home again

A quiet night in watching films with my other half has been cut short by his getting a call from work about temperature alerts in their data centre (he’s an IT bod). He’s cycled off at top speed, saying something … Continue reading

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Three weeks after shook-swarming & swarm collecting tips

London has been basking in a heat wave this week. I can’t remember the last time I looked at the BBC weather forecast and saw three dazzling consecutive days of suns up there. It’s been 21C today and the bees … Continue reading

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Starting beekeeping – a practical checklist

Yesterday I went to a Ealing beekeepers association session. We were working through a ‘Starting Beekeeping – Practical Checklist’ produced by the BBKA following requests by beekeepers teaching beginners. There are eight sections to the checklist: Background, Manipulation, Basic disease, … Continue reading

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