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Pollen, nosema and the case of three missing queens

This Saturday Tom ran a nosema IDing demo at the apiary. He had a microscope attached to his laptop so that he could show us what he was seeing on the screen and even take photos. After finding zero nosema in … Continue reading

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Middlesex Federation Day Part 2: Pam Hunter, How nutrition affects colony health

My second post on the Federation of Middlesex Beekeepers’ Associations annual ‘Federation Day‘. Below are my notes from the second speaker, Pam Hunter. Pam is a Master Beekeeper who has been keeping bees for over 25 years. She is now … Continue reading

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An evening spent peering at sexual material

Plant sexual material, that is of course. Sorry to disappoint any of my readers hoping to hear about the sexual parts of bees or indeed any other species. Last Thursday I was busy on the first evening session of a … Continue reading

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9th Honeybee Management revision post: the value of honey, pollen, water and propolis

A 9th revision post for the British Beekeeping Association’s Module 1 exam, Honeybee Management, which I’m taking…on Saturday (arrrgh so not ready!). I’m at 1.15 on the syllabus: “The Candidate shall be able to give a detailed account of:- the value of honey, pollen, … Continue reading

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What’s flowering now: late May

Yesterday I took a walk about in the park near my house and managed to get some surprisingly focused (for me) shots of bees on flowers. I used the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s Bumblebee identification page and Help Save Bees’ Bumblebee Family … Continue reading

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Fondant munchers

Mixed emotions at the apiary today. Happiness because my bees are doing well, sadness because we looked at more dead hives today. Bear in mind that the last lot of fondant I put on took two months for my bees … Continue reading

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Dead bee inspecting, shook-swarming and bees in Oman

Last week it was cold and wet and no bees were to be seen. Today was surprisingly warm, and taking a look at the floods of bees zooming into hives around the apiary I decided to put my bee suit … Continue reading

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Spring seems far away

The apiary snowdrops had progressed a little further in their journey up and out of the earth this weekend, but it was a bleak damp day for us beekeepers to be huddling round our cups of tea. No bees were … Continue reading

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