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All tucked in for winter

A quick post on what I do to get my bees ready for winter. Here’s how the hives are looking right now. Over the years I’ve found this works for me: A thymol based anti-varroa treatment in late August – … Continue reading

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Tis the season to drizzle

The Mite Before Christmas – a beekeeper’s poem Twas nine days before Christmas, when all through the bee house Not a creature was stirring, (thanks to the mouse-guard) not even a mouse The roofs were lifted up with great care, … Continue reading

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Beekeeping amongst the snowdrops

There was a properly bitter chill in the air last weekend, but I knew there would be a few tough beekeepers down at the apiary. Alan was packing up nails neatly into boxes and quickly had the kettle on. In … Continue reading

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Endurance and hope

January is a stern month. The festivities of Christmas have passed and many of us are left feeling plumper and poorer. A time for austerity and cutting back, combined with chilling days that cut through to our fingers and whistle … Continue reading

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An unusually warm winter for the bees

Happy New Year everyone! December here in London was unusually warm, with a high of 16°C (60.8°F) recorded at Kew Gardens. This has caused the bees to go through their stores faster than usual and also encouraged them to go foraging … Continue reading

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Tucking the bees in for winter

It has taken a while to come, but at last we have proper see-your-breath-in-the-air, see-the-sparkling-frost-in-the-mornings cold. The kind of cold that stops honey bees flying. I walked round the apiary yesterday and the hives could have been abandoned, so quiet were … Continue reading

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On the cusp of the solstice

Tomorrow – the 21st December – is a special day for me. It comes every year and always promises a new start, a return to life. It’s the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. A longer day must … Continue reading

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Notes from a talk by David Rudland, ‘Bringing bees from winter into spring’

On Wednesday evening I went to a London Beekeepers Association (LBKA) talk by David Rudland on the topic of ‘Bringing bees from winter into spring’. David and his wife Celia (who came to the meeting too) are commercial beekeepers in Surrey … Continue reading

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Signs of hope

So far this winter has been mild but wet and windy. There has been flooding in several parts of the country, with huge waves breaking over the coast. No snow yet. Today brought sunshine, blue sky and fluffy white clouds. … Continue reading

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Autumn ponderings

My work involves a lot of sitting in front of a computer, updating web pages and answering enquiries. I like my job but I miss the sun, as our office only has tiny windows which let little light in. On … Continue reading

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