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Tis the season to drizzle

The Mite Before Christmas – a beekeeper’s poem Twas nine days before Christmas, when all through the bee house Not a creature was stirring, (thanks to the mouse-guard) not even a mouse The roofs were lifted up with great care, … Continue reading

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Oxalic acid sublimation demo

It was a beautifully sunny but chilly day yesterday for a demonstration by Tom of oxalic acid sublimation. Amazingly some of our bees were still flying even at temperatures of under 10°C (50°F). The snowdrop shoots haven’t come on much … Continue reading

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New LASI oxalic acid research published

A comment by the lovely Amelia from afrenchgarden.wordpress.com on my last post led me to look at the University of Sussex’s Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects (LASI) website. I was dismayed to see a new press release, ‘Scientists determine how to control … Continue reading

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Not every open door can be closed; or early morning wrestling

Friday morning began to plan. I had boiled the kettle and poured some water into my thermos. A bag was packed, containing a hive tool, bee suit, latex gloves and pre-mixed oxalic acid. Soon I was on the bus and … Continue reading

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The great Facebook oxalic acid controversy

Bee researcher Dr Karin Alton really stirred up a hornet’s nest when she posted about oxalic acid on the London Beekeepers Association Facebook group this week. For those of you unfamiliar with Karin’s work, she is a researcher at the Laboratory … Continue reading

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Drizzling oxalic acid on bees

Not a cookery recipe but an anti-varroa treatment commonly used in the UK during December or January whilst the bees are clustering and little or no brood is present. The reason for doing the oxalic acid treatment at this time … Continue reading

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Winter bees advice from Andy Pedley

This month’s Ealing Beekeepers newsletter from Andy Pedley contained some helpful wintering advice which I hope he won’t mind me putting up here, mostly so I can find it again next year: It’s the end of the season … hopefully … Continue reading

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Giving acid to bees

Oxalic acid time at the apiary today. Oxalic acid is a naturally occurring acid that’s one of the beekeeper’s best weapons against the evil varroa mite – it burns their feet and they drop off the bees! We do this … Continue reading

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John Chapple’s talk

Today one of our local super-duper experienced beekeepers, John Chapple, gave a group of us Ealing beekeepers a talk on varroa control and general hive management techniques throughout the year. John has a big beard, several hives around London and is … Continue reading

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