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Hunny time

Yesterday was all about the honey. After three years of trying, I finally have some! On Friday Emma put a Porter bee escape on our super, which allows the bees to go down but not up so we can come … Continue reading

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August varroa treatment

Have had a useful reminder e-mail from Andy Pedley at the Ealing Beekeepers Association, as me and Emma inspected early on Saturday and missed the usual 2pm meeting up… “The date for starting the Apiguard treatment this year is Saturday … Continue reading

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Another year without honey – 7th August

Felt quite depressed at the apiary today. Quite a few people were talking about how big the honey crop was this year, and how many jars they had, and me and Emily (my hive partner) have…nothing. Zero jars. A super … Continue reading

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John Chapple’s talk

Today one of our local super-duper experienced beekeepers, John Chapple, gave a group of us Ealing beekeepers a talk on varroa control and general hive management techniques throughout the year. John has a big beard, several hives around London and is … Continue reading

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