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2nd Honey bee products and forage revision post: an illustrated description of the floral structure of apple

A 2nd revision post, topic picked at random, for the BBKA’s Module 2 exam, ‘Honeybee products and forage‘ in November. I know the diagram below is no great work of art, but research evidence suggests writing things down helps commit them … Continue reading

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Middlesex Beekeepers’ Day Part 2: David Aston, Plants and honeybees

A follow-up post to ‘Middlesex Beekeepers’ Day – Terry Clare, Queen rearing for the average beekeeper‘. Below are my notes from Dr David Aston’s talk. David is President of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA), a Master Beekeeper and holder of … Continue reading

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Thoughts on ‘More than Honey’

Last week I went to see a showing of More than Honey by the Ealing Transitions/Friends of the Earth groups at St Mary’s Church, Ealing. I hadn’t been in the church before and was surprised at how beautifully decorated it is, … Continue reading

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BL Talk science 26th June 2013 – Pollinators and pesticides: is there a plan bee?

Last week I went to a British Library evening event on pollinators and pesticides, which took a look at whether pesticides are the real culprit for the decline in bee numbers. The event only cost £5 and it included free wine … Continue reading

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9th Honeybee Management revision post: the value of honey, pollen, water and propolis

A 9th revision post for the British Beekeeping Association’s Module 1 exam, Honeybee Management, which I’m taking…on Saturday (arrrgh so not ready!). I’m at 1.15 on the syllabus: “The Candidate shall be able to give a detailed account of:- the value of honey, pollen, … Continue reading

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6th Honeybee behaviour revision post: honey bee foraging

This might be my last revision post for my BBKA Module 6 Honeybee Behaviour exam on Saturday! And I’ve only got half way through the syllabus. Section 6.7: the behaviour of the foraging bee and its work methods in the field including … Continue reading

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I subscribe to the Innocent Smoothie newsletter, and noticed that they had a blog competition recently to win an afternoon cream tea and look in a hive with a beekeeper, Tim. To enter the contest, members of the public were … Continue reading

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