Wending my way west

I have a bit of news. A couple of weeks ago Drew, Tommy and I moved to Cornwall to be near family. Apologies to anyone in Ealing I didn’t manage to say goodbye to in person, in the end time seemed to rush by. Many kind-hearted people have helped me over the years since I first started coming down to the apiary and did the Ealing beginners course nearly a decade ago, back in 2008. I’ve enjoyed many a cup of tea in nice and not-so-nice weather, as you can see from the photos below. It was very sad to leave.

However, it is exciting to discover a new area, especially one so close to the beautiful briny sea. We have had an offer on a house accepted and at the moment my plan is to get bees in the spring once we are settled in. I may do a BBKA module exam meanwhile too to make sure I don’t forget everything!

We will have a little garden which I want to make as bee-friendly and generally wildlife-friendly as possible. It will be my first time having a garden of my own so I have a lot to learn. If any readers have tips for keeping bees in Cornwall, let me know. I want to join the local association here as I think that will be the best way to get some nice local bees.

About Emily Scott

I am a UK beekeeper living in Ealing, west London. I have been keeping bees in the Ealing Beekeepers Association’s local apiary since 2008 and created this blog as a record for myself of my various beekeeping related disasters and - hopefully - future successes. Busy taking the British Beekeeping Association module exams too!
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32 Responses to Wending my way west

  1. thebigbuzz says:

    Wishing you all the best in your new life in Cornwall! What a lovely move to make.


  2. Lindylou says:

    Hallo Emily, if I had the chance to live in Cornwall I would do my level best to be guided by Rodger Dewhurst of Gwenen Apiaries. I was fortunate to ‘accidentally’ meet him during a Christmas holiday in Truro in 2014. He is the writer of the paper about bees that bite the carapace and legs of varroa mites. And make sure you go with the native dark bees when you start again. Every best wish to all 3 of you with this great adventure.


  3. Hi Emily. I used to live in Cornwall, Budock Water near Falmouth. There was a bee keeper who lived there but that was some time ago.


  4. tashach says:

    Ah congratulations Emily!! Best of luck to you 🙂 🙂


  5. hencorner says:

    Congratulations on your move Emily, it’s been wonderful spending time together here in London and I look forward to hearing all your updates from Out West!
    Sara x


  6. Such an exciting change! Cornwall is such a beautiful part of the world that I am sure you will all be very happy there. Amelia


  7. Alan Jones says:

    Hi Emily, well done on finally seeing sense and moving to the land of the pasty,I don’t know where you are situated,if you are down in West Cornwall join the West Cornwall Beekeepers and we may meet up ( I’m not stalking you!!) Hope the move goes well


  8. Walt Scales says:

    Very best of luck, what a place to be moving to, too. Keep up the bee blog from all points West…and, apart from bees, have a think about budgeting for solar panels in that part of the world, all those hours of sunshine. I’m up in Sunderland, might have sun in the name but that’s about as far as it goes a lot of the time! All the best for the move, and enjoy the gardening!


  9. clare1023 says:

    dear Emily

    so sorry to hear you have moved – we shall miss you and l never got chance to say goodbye ! but of course l am pleased for you and l hope it all goes well for you and the family. Hopefully you will continue to do your blog so we can still see what you are up to .

    all the very best

    love Clare xx



    • Emily Scott says:

      I will miss you too Clare, sorry for not saying bye properly, was in denial a bit! Hope to come back to the apiary sometime. Will always remember you as the best accessorised beekeeper!


  10. A new adventure begins. As for the bees, no doubt you’ll have your own bees at your new home soon – yay!


  11. Hope you all enjoy the west country, Truro is an interesting place and I hope you settle in well. Did you see Country File last Sunday about black bees in Cornwall (Rame Head near the Devon border)?


  12. beatingthebounds says:

    How exciting! Good luck with the move.


  13. Erik says:

    Ah, I was so looking forward to visiting you and Emma in Ealing someday. We seem to get to England every 10 years or so, and my wife went to school in Ealing for 6 months so we always end up visiting. Ah well, someday.

    Good luck in the new adventure and with the new house. Wonderful to be near family and explore a new area. Enjoy the winter planning for the spring, both bees and plants alike.


  14. Good for you! Leaving all the folks in Ealing must have been a bit of a wrench. But now you will be able to enjoy all creatures great and small in your garden, some lovable and some you will learn to love in time….


  15. All the best, Emily. RH


  16. disperser says:

    I see my original comment didn’t come through.

    Anyway, from all I read and hear, you’re moving to a beautiful area. I follow this photographer who lives there:

    Good luck and good beeing at your new location.


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